This booklet was written primarily for those who struggle with a fear of the Jews, and because of it, have not been able to boldly and effectively witness in the Name of Jesus Christ and bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

This booklet was also written for those who have been bombarded in recent years with myriads of opposing and inconsistent messages on how to witness and not to witness to the Jewish people and have become confused, disheartened and stagnant.  It was not written to those who have been forerunners in Israel and around the world in suffering the heat of the day and for bearing a reproach for His Name.  Some of you have even begun to bear on your body the marks of Yeshua.
To those of you who have already gone before, bless you and thanks for your Messiah-like example to the rest of us who have gleaned from your sacrifice.  For those who are in the process of getting there and need help, keep going, you are on the right track, and for those who need a push, fear not, for he who loses his life for Christ’s sake, will find it.